HYDROCARE SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION is continuously providing excellent products and services for the betterment of water product quality since its establishment in September 2003. Its name was derived from “HYDRO” which pertains to water and “CARE” which is meant to express love for water treatment and the people who NEED it in their daily lives. Being a quality water technology expert, We are an industry leader of high quality, state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis components & filtration equipment for water treatment/purification. Our reputation has been established by providing high quality products, honest and good after sales personal service, competitive pricing and on-going research and development.

Why Choose Us?


HYDROCARE has established a reputation of providing its clients products of the BEST quality, honest and good after sales personal service, competitive pricing and on-going research and development. Our company focuses on not just to have one transaction with its clients but to establish a relationship with them and providing the services they need in keeping their WRS businesses and Purification System Technology in its best shape.

Hydrocare System Technology Corporation is fully committed to make safe drinking water available in all of the parts of the Philippines and someday, the world by building water systems of technical integrity. Becoming a global leader in manufacturing of purification equipment in advance engineering technology by timely satisfying customers’ requirements is its main goal. This can be made possible through providing first class production in the Philippines. Also, it highlights on its aim to develop people and employing state of the art technology through mutual respect and cooperation between employees.

Being a world class manufacturing and service organization, HYDROCARE envisions safe drinking water available in all of the parts of the Philippines through providing solutions to all water problems using global machinery with local expertise emphasizing on improved health and environment in the residential, commercial and industrial segments of society.

Services that the company is extending to its clients are installation of Water Purification Equipment with support and after sales services, Water Refilling Station (WRS) Commercial, and Industrial Repair and Maintenance. Other services such as Rehabilitation of Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Relocation, Reset-up and Upgrading of Equipment with support for all types of purification equipment in the Philippines are also being offered. All of these services are assured to be of their first-rate quality which enables the company to accommodate and be trusted by copious customers.

The company’s headquarters is located at Calamba City, Laguna. Hydrocare System Technology Corporation is able to provide easier and better access and services. Currently, the company is able to sustain well-functioning and high-quality equipment and provide consumable supplies to almost a thousand water refilling stations all over the Philippines. Areas being served by the company are key areas of CALABARZON and some parts in Visayas such as Palawan but then, with its profound objective of expanding its reach, the company will always be welcoming customers from other areas as well.

Since the continuous success of the company is governed by the performance of its people, the company takes care of its people, and makes sure that the employees are well-trained and proficient for all services that the company is offering so that they can provide the best service experience for the company’s clients. Most especially they have promising personalities being diligent, persistent, responsible, amiable and most especially dedicated at all times.

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